Vitreo-Retinal Service

Vitreo-Retinal Service:

It is well established service headed by senior consultant Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon. Almost all necessary equipmentā€™s like OCT, USG, Fundus Photography, FFA & Green Laser are available for diagnosis and treatment of retinal problems. It has also been established as a training center where currently one ophthalmologist is doing his fellowship in retina. In 2019.20 retina departments provided service to a total 3,856 patients of which 108 underwent various retinal surgeries, 25 patients were given intravitral injections, 301 patient underwent LASER treatment and 271 Avastin injection administered.

Of the total patients 1610 were diagnosed and treated for diabetic retinopathy. Patients not only from Chitwan and neighboring districts but also from neighboring county like India are provided retinal service in the hospital.