It is indeed a pleasure to know that this year also Bharatpur eye hospital is bringing out the annual report. I would like to congratulate the entire Bharatpur Eye Hospital team for their effort. I would like to thank all the Bharatpur eye hospital family who worked hard and continued providing service to the people as frontlines in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year has been challenging to all the sectors in the country and Bharatpur eye hospital is not an exception, still we have been able to provide service to 1,63,148 patients through Bharatpur Eye Hospital and its networks and provided sight restoring surgeries to 5,143 Patients which is the great achievement. This would not have been possible without the hardworking and devoted staff members of the hospital, guidance and support from CNNJS, donors, NNJS executive committee and community leaders in this difficult times.

Finally I would like to congratulate all Bharatpur Eye Hospital members and specially the editorial team for bringing out this report.

Krishna Raj Dharel
Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Chitwan