I am pleased to know that Hiralal Santudevi Pradhan Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences Bharatpur Eye Hospital is bringing out the annual progress report of the year 2022-23.


This year, we have been able to provide OPD services to 2,39,895 patients and surgeries to 10,425 patients. In addition to patient care, Bharatpur Eye Hospital as an institute is contributing in producing all levels of eye care human resources to tackle the growing burden of visual problems in the region and the country as a whole. 


We have started providing services from the newly constructed building, which is well equipped and with good facilities. The building is currently used for Pediatric OPD, Surgical department with high tech modular OTs and ward. This is the great achievement in the history of Bharatpur Eye Hospital This has only been possible because of the hard working and dedicated staff members, guidance and support from the NNJS members and different stakeholders and donors.



Jay Ram Shrestha

President, Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh,Chitwan

Chairman, Bharatpur Eye Hospital