Low vision service

Low Vision

    BEH is providing low vision services to the patients through this clinic. The low vision clinic has most of the devices needed for low vision service. It has all range of devices like optical, non-optical and electronic devices. Optometrists, optometry students, and ophthalmic science students have the opportunity to get exposure to dealing with low vision and contact lens patients. Low vision clinic has helped many patients see better and use their residual vision to perform must needed daily activities. A total of 25 patients were provided low vision services this year.

Contact Lens

Contact Lens are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes for refractive correction, cosmetic and therapeutic purpose. There are variety of contact lenses available based on its primary function, material, wearing and replacement schedule.

Vision problems are pretty common in Nepal and people need some kind of vision correction device. Increasingly more people are turning to contact lens vision correction whether it is due to lifestyle or cosmetic reason.

In our hospital we provide services for the patient who wants Contact Lens for refractive correction, Keratoconous patient, patient having corneal problem with various lenses like power contact lens, disposable lenses, RGP lens, Bandage lens, and Toric contact lens.

A total of 118 patients took the contact lens service from the clinic in this year. The majority of the patients were prescribed soft contact lenses.