This gives us immense pleasure to see the overall growth of Bharatpur Eye Hospital. The hospital has been engaging various in research activities at the community, teaching learning activities (Ophthalmic Assistant training program, Bachelor of Optometry training program, MD Ophthalmology Residency program and various subspecialty fellowship programs). Hospital is also engaging in various clinical and non-clinical short training programs: such as refraction training, operational research, quality improvement (Infection control).

Bharatpur Eye Hospital has been thinking of equity of services, it has been adding more number of primary Eye care centers in remote area (in its catchments area) and converting Primary eye care centers in to secondary Eye hospital, this is becoming instrumental for the access of eye care services.

Bharatpur Eye Hospital has been conducting outreach activities as part of hospital services: surgical eye camps, disease screening and treatment camps, diabetic retinopathy screening camps, organizing orientation training for the female community Health volunteers.

Seva has been engaging with NNJS Bharatpur Eye hospital since 2 decades, we look forward to collaborate with NNJS Bharatpur Eye Hospital many years to come.

Ram Prasad Kandel
Program Director Seva Foundation/Seva Canada Society
Kathmandu, Nepal