This is our pleasure to see the growth and development of Bharatpur Eye Hospital in a natural way.  I remember the day 15 years back when hospital was fighting for the survival of existence.  This growth and development is possible with mutual efforts of all the stakeholders (mainly staff members of the Bharatpur Eye Hospital, NNJS members, and support from LEI in the beginning, very kind local donors and all external developmental partners.

 Seva has been working with NNJS since last 35 years.  We are feeling very proud to have opportunity to work with NNJS for the positive changes in the eye health of the community.

We look forward to work with NNJS /Bharatpur Eye Hospital for many years to come to make the positive changes in eye health of the community of this region.

Ram Prasad Kandel

Program Director Seva Foundation/Seva Canada Society

Kathmandu, Nepal