Hospital Performance


OPD Performance :


A total of 2,39,895 patients received eye care services from Bharatpur Eye Hospital (base hospital) and its networks that include secondary eye hospitals and eye care centers.

Additional 96,257 patients were served through various outreach activities being conducted by Bharatpur Eye Hospital.


Surgical Performance :

A total of 10,425 ocular surgeries of various categories were performed in the year 2022-23 at Bharatpur Eye Hospital and its Secondary Hospitals. Out of the total surgeries 9,197 (88.22%) were sight restoring cataract surgeries, including those performed through various DST and surgical camps.


Majority of the cataract surgeries performed in the hospital were phaco surgeries. 3,412 (32.73%) cataract surgeries were performed through various DST and surgical camps. Only 1,228 (11.78%) surgeries were other than cataract surgeries.