Cornea Service

Cornea Service

Cornea department is one of the well-established subspecialty department at Bharatpur Eye Hospital. Since corneal diseases is one of the major cause of blindness in developing countries, BEH cornea department has been providing services not only to the people in Chitwan, but also the its neighboring districts. The department is equipped with major investigative instruments for diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases. There is also dry eye clinic within this department, providing dry eye therapy for the patients.

In the year 2022-23, a total of 517 patient underwent investigations for dry eye and therapy for dry eye was done for 645 patients. The cornea collection center and the facility of cornea transplant has been started since 2017. In the year 2022-23, 2380 patients were at the department and a total of 505 cornea related surgeries were performed. Pterygium with graft is the major surgery performed followed by major and minor corneal repair procedures.

Pre-Operative (Before Cornea Transplant)
Post-Operative (After Cornea Transplant)

Our Specialists

Dr. Puspa Giri Shrestha

Cornea Specialist