Pediatric Ophthalmology Service

Pediatric Ophthalmology Service:

Pediatric Department was started as a separate department (0-16 years) on 2014, and it has come a long way in a decade. It started with 2 optometrist, now it has expanded its wings and proudly has its own Pediatric Ophthalmologist, an orthoptist, an Orthoptic trainee.

This department not only caters to the pediatric population (0-16 years), but is also taking care of the people with strabismus, and neuroophthalmological issues. Thus, from one department it has grown its subdivisions as Pediatric OPD, Strabismus and Neuro-ophthalmology clinic and Orthoptic clinic. We are here to serve the most challenging and rewarding population (Children, who are our future). In near future the department is going to add Vision Therapy Clinic.

Our Specialists

Dr. Manisha Shrestha

Pediatric Ophthalmologist