Bharatpur Eye Hospital has provided service not only to patient who come to the hospital but also to patient in remote areas who do not have access to the hospital through various outreach activities. In addition to the conduction of DST camps, cataract surgical camps, diabetic retinopathy camp and school screening program throughout the year, BEH has also been involved in awareness campaigns through training to FCHVs, Drug Retailers, School Teachers and Women Groups with the aim of reducing preventable blindness in the community.
             Community outreach activities are the major activities of the hospital being conducted all the year round. In this year a total of 150 DST camps, 19 Surgical Camps, 11 DR camps, 136 school screening, 4 color vision test camps and 1 work place camp were performed. A total of 96,257 patients took their service through these outreach activities. 3,412 sight restoring cataract surgeries were performed through DST and Surgical camps, contributing to 37% of total cataract surgeries performed this year.